Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bird Cages

I bought many bird cages a few years ago and didn't have any place for them, so I put them on top of my cupboards.
It took a few days for my husband to notice them, he is like that, if he doesn't trip over it, he won't notice.
A new dress or different hair cut can wait for days until I mention it, then it is like oh, wow!             
I'm not complaining, my hobby has gotten way out of hand and he doesn't mind, I took over an entire bedroom to do what I love best: sewing, designing and decorating.


So, we take a few bird cages and gather some lace, use the glue gun and stick them on top of the cage.

Take two big satin flowers and fix them on either side.

 Add some more smaller flowers between the big ones, add ribbons and strings of small beads.

Don't forget the birds on top of the cage to finish.
I still have to look for a small climbing plant to put in the cage or a nice candle.

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  1. I love those bird cages. The decoration on them looks beautiful. Your husband and my husband are they brothers lol.

  2. thx you visit my blog.that cages is so cute.

  3. love love love your bird cages! after the make over, they all look so pretty!!!!

  4. That is so pretty, Angela! I have a fairly large birdcage that I need to pay some attention to. You've reminded me that once I have all the Christmas decor put away, I should look around and see what I can add to it.

  5. Those are gorgeous. Thanks for joining the party.

  6. Wow, that is one impressive birdcage collection! They're all gorgeous and adding the lace made them even moreso:)

    I had to laugh at your comments about your hubby, mine is the same way! Sometimes he can tell by the look on my face when he gets home that I've got something new so he'll look around in a panic trying to find it!

  7. I love what you've done to embellish your birdcages Angela! I have a collection of birdcages too, but they're not decorated. Yours really turned out beautiful.

    Stopping by from Vintage Inspiration Friday. Happy weekend!

  8. Those are really pretty!! Thanks for finding my blog so I could find yours! And congratulations on your new grandbaby! Vanna

  9. These are beautiful. They were very pretty to begin with, but you made them even more so.
    Thanks for sharing. ~~Sherry~~

  10. Really pretty, love all the birdies, lace and lovelies! Your collection is just amazing.
    Thanks for linking up your great inspiration!

  11. These are gorgeous. I love the lace. My mom makes lace pillows with double ruffles.

  12. I love what you did to the very sweet! I also love how the bird is sitting on top instead of inside! very pretty! take care,maryann

  13. What a darling collection of birdcages! I love them- all grouped together they looks so charming and with your added little pretties- so sweet! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  14. Your idea for the bird cages is teriffic! I have a couple and I never know what to do with them...this is super.(-:

  15. I have a small old cage outside just sitting there getting rained on, now will bring it in and decorate it. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  16. I love your collection! And your embellishments are perfection. I'm a new blogger, I would love if you stopped by!