Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swirls of Chocolate...

Today's project: to make a boudoir stool and use the colours, brown, light blue and lavender/purple.
This is what I came up with, the brown Indian raw silk looks like swirls of chocolate on top of the sky blue cotton material.

The flowers look pink in this picture but are actually light purple and I found fake lavender to make a little bouquet with purple striped ribbon.

Here you can see I used very little sky blue lace, no lace she said!... This is the minimum, I can not go below that....

I was given these three panels of floral material and had to make pillows using them.

My daughter who lives in France with her husband and their two little girls are coming on Wednesday,
I'm so exited and happy to have my daughter and grand-daughters come home, I see them about twice a year and the little ones are growing up so fast.
My son in law will come two weeks later.
The weather in Dubai is now perfect to go to the beach and parks, my granddaughters are real water babies, like their mother..
So after Wednesday all my pictures will be of babies!!!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The wedding dress

Today I can post a picture of the wedding dress, isn't it pretty?
I love the colours, so romantic.
A few posts ago I showed you the brides-maids baskets and accessories and today the dress.
I wish I could make such a wonderful gown, the only ones I make are for babies and little girls.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marie Antoinette Baby Basket

Pink Silk with yummy mint trims.
I enjoyed making this Moses basket, working with lace is so much fun and the ladies here like lots of it.

Here some lace and ribbons, with mint green flowers.

Oops! I forgot to put the pillow in the basket.

I found some beautiful cotton material a few days ago and I bought the whole roll, 30 yards...
Knowing that when I get a few yards and go back for some more, I won't find it, it will be sold out.
It is pure cotton and the colour is perfect, bla, bla, just to find more excuses why I keep buying stuff..

 The material is the perfect colour, beige and cream so it matches with most colours.

I decorated this cushion with a cross-stitched initial, this design of cushion is easy and doesn't need a button because it folds over and hides the opening.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beige Moses Basket

I had to make a Moses Basket for a baby boy, so I used lots of beige and cream silk for the outside and cotton for the inside.
This time I made net and lace flowers to decorate the bed, it was my first time making these flowers and I think they came out nicely.

Today I am busy making the same Moses Basket but in pink with cream lace, mint green ribbons and flowers, just like Marie Antoinette's dress, very girly and sweet.

 A boy's bed with all that lace you ask??   I say... why not!

 A long cushion I made a while ago and can't part with.

I have this soap hanging on my cupboard door.

Here are the details of the hanger, I used Yardley soap and can change it when the smell fades.

I love these flowers, I have to keep them indoors because it is too hot outside and I don't have a garden,
later I can dry them and enjoy them for a very long time.
I hope you have a nice week.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today I finished making some accessories for two brides-maids.
I covered wire with satin ribbon and then gathered lace over that, glued some flowers, pearls and bows.
For the choker I used a velvet ribbon with a satin bow to close at the back of the neck, gathered lace above and below the velvet ribbon and some flowers to match the tiara.

 Five layers of lace were stitched beneath the velvet ribbon.

 Here are some baskets for the flowers, I covered the inside and outside of the baskets.

I love making mosaics with pictures.

Here I show you my little helper, he is never far from me.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Lacy Brooch

Today I made this brooch, it is part of a wedding order.
The lady on the post-card is wearing one just like it..

Of course I had to involve the rest of my party..  Madame may I have this dance?

This is the mark on the bottom of my statue box.

I hope you are enjoying your Valentine's day, xoxoxo

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little Valentine's Kisses

Will you be my sweet Valentine?

Here I used my purple lamb fur cushion.
Just to find some purple background.

Spring is coming soon!