Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Victorian style cushions.

I was asked to make a few "Victorian" style cushions.
Before the Shabby Chic style, I used to make a lot of these 
dark and heavy material items, from pillows to bed covers.

I used moire and silk material for these cushions.

I'm really glad I have switched to light floral cottons 
and lots of whites.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Flower Fairies Tote.

Instead of wrapping up the new books for 
my granddaughter, I thought it would be better to 
make a cute tote to keep them in.

I found this sweet flower fairy material the other day
and it matched perfectly with this pink toile.

My youngest daughter is traveling tonight 
to visit her sister in Strasbourg, she moved there 
from Lyon, I can't wait to see her new place.
The official seat of the European parliament is in Strasbourg
and the English language is widely spoken there.
It will be so helpful for me....
I don't speak a word of French, I tried with cd's in the car but 
nothing sticks.

We bought a few children's books 
and I just love that bunny book.


I wish I could travel too.
I will go and see them in December, Yay....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moses Basket Drawings by Jennelise

Look what Jennelise drew for me,
I was so honored she choose my Moses Baskets.
I love her drawings, they are so sweet and precious.

 She drew three different designs of Moses Baskets, 
please visit her blog and see 
how pretty and artistic all her drawings are.
Dear Jennelise thank you so much.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My First Chair Redo...

These grandmother chairs have been waiting 
too long now for a paint job.
I finally got the courage and time to go for it.

I didn't feel like stripping the stain off, so I painted
it two layers of water based paint, sanded it down a bit
and gave it a clear coat of varnish.
Any little bump takes away the paint...
Conclusion...  cutting corners 
and not removing the stain makes a bad paint job!

I do like my new covers, I didn't cut corners there and 
stitched in zippers so I can wash them.

Chair number two is waiting, 
I will wash it with hot water and soap a few times
because I hate using the stripping gel, it's just too much work.
My hat off to all the blog ladies that paint furniture.
I did look for Chalk paint from Annie Sloan here,
but no store has it.


I will be joining in with  White Wednesday

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Skirt and a Tea-Towel...

While shopping for my little grand-daughter I found this 
frilly skirt.
Soft white cotton with layers and layers of frills.
It was on sale, so I bought more than one...

At the sale in Pottery Barn last month I found these tea-towels,
I love the print and some letters are embroidered.

This is why I bought more than one skirt,
I made a cushion out of it.
 I would like to meet the person 
that has so much patience to gather layers upon layers of cotton.
I would instantly hire her and sit her on a cushion, 
have her sew a fine seam,
and feed her strawberries, sugar and cream.

I cut of the top band of the skirt 
and stitched in the lace and circle.

I filled it up a bit too much...

The tea-towel wasn't spared..
I made a cushion out of it too.
The cushion insert was a bit bigger than the towel,
so I had to add a bit of material to the sides.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Frilly Bed Cover

I've been away for far too long. 
Sniffles and fever was the reason,
it started with my husband and it has been like a Mexican wave going 
through the family, no one was spared.
Now all that's left over is a faint cough in the far distance...

I'm back in full force and made this bed cover and cushions.
Seersucker material and lots of lace.

I just caught this bunny bouncing on the soft 

This cover is meant for a Queen size bed, 
I put it on my King size bed for the pictures.

I found a nice bed-skirt in the market with a hand crocheted border,
I will colour it old rose one of these days.
It shows here, it is the last ruffle on the side.

One of my new laces I found recently.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

I am joining in with   Show and Tell Friday
                                      Vintage Inspiration Friday
                                  Feathered Nest Friday

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three more pouches...

Today I finished the last of six pouches...
The next order is for a bed cover, 
romantic and frilly for a girl's room,
that will keep me busy and I hope to have it finished
before Friday for all the blog parties...

I kept this one neutral, 
so it will be fine for a boy or girl.

This one too, pink and blue.

I love the lace on the panel,
 it has small raised flowers,
so cute!

I know you have seen enough pouches from me,
but that's my work and I would like to share them with you  
and my customers. 
Bed cover is next... two of them!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pretty Legs...

I've got some pretty legs at home.

 I love the mahogany legs of my dining table.
This table is about a hundred years old. 
It's actually a desk with a leather top 
but if you don't look under the table cover... 
no one will know.  

I wonder, if I paint this little table, 
will the details disappear under the paint?  

The details are so pretty.

This coffee table is from the forties...
the details are less,
perfect for a paint job.

This table has just one leg and isn't that old.
I bought all these tables in Holland at auction.

A sixties oak sideboard with lots of carving, so heavy
it took five men to carry it when we moved house and it even had to be taken apart
to fit it in the elevator, it was called many names that day...

 ....Pretty wasn't one of them,
but to me it is!

Have a great weekend.