Saturday, January 28, 2017

Velvet and more

Small Velvet Ball with flowers

Filled with lavender, 
perfect for giveaways.

I bought this sweet bear from a lady here in Dubai
every stitch is made by hand.

Little Victorian boot 

One of these days these boots will grace your door...
not made for walking..


Sweet Little Baby Baskets

Sweet little Baby baskets

All ready to receive a precious newborn baby

This is a giant basket with handle 

This is a very sturdy rattan based basket
and we covered it with pure cotton satin fabric.
The basket can be carried by the top handle.

Perfect for newborn baby pictures

This is our more traditional Mosesbasket
on our own designed iron stand

Sweet bassinet on wheels, large enough to keep
baby sleeping in here for about seven months,
the size is nice and large.

We covered this Potterybarn Mosesbasket in 
Blue silk and lace

The top basket can be removed from the stand
and it has an all cotton lining

Our basket with handle 

The lace on the hood is easily moved back
for easy transportation


Friday, January 27, 2017

Lavender Filled Decorations

                                                      I Love Lace!   

                                             I can never have too much of it, 
                                            I will use it in any of my creations.

                                             Here I stitched two lace collars together and
                                                   filled it up with Lavender

Some more lace bags, perfect for dried flowers
or to hold other precious items

Lavender filled Victorian boots

These pretty lace bags were ordered for give-aways
at a baby shower

These are my new design tissue box covers
Instead of a tissue box on the side of a table 
they become a center piece with a bunch of flowers
on top with easy access to the tissues.

I hope you have a lovely weekend

Lavender Filled Sachets

Lavender Sachets

My daughter brought back 10kg of dried Lavender flowers
from her trip to South of France. 
Now we had to find different ways to use the precious

We made sachets with lace..

and some sachets without lace, yes we do have 
a few ladies that prefer that less is best..

Our work place smells so nice and 
we do need to drink more coffee to stay
Lavender has the wonderful affect to relax!

I use them in my wardrobe and between my 
towels and in every drawer of my home.


Friday, August 26, 2016

Baby Bed

Today's baby bed is a new design
I just made one to try it out.
I think it looks so sweet, perfect for newborn babies
till about 5 months old.

This is a Moses basket on a wooden stand and 
matching mini pram just for decoration
or to use for chocolates.

Toile fabric, from France..

I used some of it on this pretty pillow.

Frilly cushions

I love the lace on these cushions, I bought 
the lace fabric in pink, green and yellow.

Decorated boxes, so much fun to make..

I hope you have a great weekend,

Friday, February 19, 2016

Victorian Design with Velvet

My client asked me to use velvet on her 
Baby bed with beige lace

I enjoyed making this design
It looks a bit Victorian..

We still had some other velvet and colourful 
lace and decided to make a few cushions
in that style.

I love this table cover, I added some lace
and ribbon.

Cute! Tiffany blue and Black