Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet Wrought Iron Baby Bed

I have a long 'to do list' before traveling
on Friday night..
Yay! we're off to France and this time 
destination.. Toulouse. It will be our first time to 
this city and this year we are going a bit earlier.
We usually go to the provence area in high summer
and it is too hot for my liking, Dubai is hot enough!

Today I finished this sweet iron baby bed,
I used 'antique white silk' with rose silk bows.

I love this lace covered curtain.

I made a matching baby pouch.

The little oval decoration looks like a cameo.

I am pleased that the supermarket downstairs 
 started selling flowers for a good price and 
they last at least a week!

I hope you have a great week.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby Boy Shower Favours

Today I finished making these cute pocket-tissue holders.
I used golden beige silk material with three layers of lace.
I was wondering why they call it baby shower...

In Victorian times they would hide gifts in a parasol,
then when opened it would 'shower' gifts 
 for the bride-to-be.
I hope it was paper money or jewelry... 
These days the mother-to-be also gets showered with gifts.

I just love my new material.
 I will use it to make table-covers, it is too fine and delicate
for a bed-cover.

This baby-pillow is a perfect match!

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Cotton Candy Boudoir Seat

It always takes some time to get back to work
after a refreshing holiday.
I love to be creative and make the things that are 
brewing in my head.
Today I made this sweet boudoir seat, a bit different
than the ones I made before.

The base and skirt are made of cotton seersucker 
and the puff is made of soft tulle.

How about a matching birdcage to make this 
a picture perfect...

A doily would be perfect to protect the seat from stains. 

I found these cages in all sizes, they come in blue, pink and white.
I know I should buy plenty, knowing they will sell out fast..
But where to keep them...

Cotton Candy with a cherry on top!

I hope you'll get spoiled on Mothers day!

Today I will join in with

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Baby Shower Favours

I'm back from a short holiday to Holland.
I just had to be part of the celebrations that was 
going on for the new Dutch King and his lovely Queen!

Straight to work... I had to finish these baby favours 
for a client, they look so pretty! just add some sweets
and they are ready to go. 

Tiny butterflies for that special detail.

Even smaller is this little pram.

Not to forget this little bird-cage..

These bird-cages are about 30 cm high.
Too big for favours... 
They will be used just for decoration.

I made a skirt for my metal mannequin.
I used a bit of silk, tulle and lace to dress her up
and I found a place to display my bird-cages..

The airline I flew with misplaced my and half of 
the other passengers suitcases...
I hope I'll get mine back soon, all my little treasures
I found at auction are in it..

I hope you have a wonderful week.