Saturday, January 22, 2011

WARNING!! Excessive use of lace...

Today I finished  the blue baby bed bedding for a boy,
how many b's can you put in a sentence... 

 I love this wrought iron bed, I designed it myself.
The bedding doesn't belong to this bed, I used it as a sample.

 I used silk for this set.

Handmade flowers to add some blue to the curtain to match the bed.

Here is some detail of the bed.

The bed cover is used for decoration only because it can't be washed.

One more Moses Basket to go...


  1. How are you Angela? , your beautiful creations! The combination of colors has been fabulous, and you used lace is very delicate, the fourth stay, beautiful! Greetings, Rose Marie

  2. Your creations make me wish I had children and grandbabies. The laces you use are breathtaking. Even in our finest shops here I have never seen any that elegant.
    What a beautiful granddaughter Eloise is.
    God bless all of you.