Saturday, January 1, 2011

Desert Fun Drive..

Yesterday I opened my newspaper and found that the yearly fun drive registration
was OPEN and I was in the office within the hour.
This year I don't want to miss it...
We participated twice before and it is so much fun and so exciting to join, it gets the adrenalin going.
Last year it was an over-nighter and I didn't like the idea of driving for two days, so I didn't join.
This year I discovered that we just sleep in the desert and after breakfast we drive back home over tarmac, so it's do-able.
14th and 15th of January, I'll take my camera and share our new adventure. 

These are some pictures from two years ago, a few hundred cars joined in, this is the only way I would go into the desert. There are many 'marshals' to help me out when I get stuck in the sand and the maps that are given are clear to follow, I just follow the tracks.. Yes! I am chicken...

 Here we got stuck in soft sand and my daughter was trying to dig us out.

This picture is of Nad at the start line at about 7:00 in the morning and we finished after 4:00 o'clock when we were greeted by a big BBQ party.

 "Mum, are we lost... ?"

Here is the border of Oman.

Keep an eye out for my next adventure!

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  1. oh mijn hemel wat maak jij mooie dingen en volgens mij zit je net als ik regelmatig temidden van een berg lappen en kant te genieten en moois te maken, fijn 2011 met alle goeds!! vanuit een druilerig en glad Nederland...