Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Two Baby Dresses

It has been a while since I made  
frilly dresses, today I finished making 
two silk dresses for that special day.

The new lace I bought recently matched 
the colours perfectly.

I love this bonnet pattern, I have an other one 
that's cute too, I'll make it soon and show you.

This is the cream silk dress,
it has a lace front panel and I covered the sleeves 
with lace, how sweet...

Different cream shades and textures...

 Handmade little flowers 
in a gathered lace rosette.

A bonnet to match the cream dress.

Cuddle anyone??

I hope you are having a wonderful week.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

My pink camera...

I have two cameras...
A big complicated one and a small pink one that fits in my hand bag.
Now the little pink one has random pictures stored in it.
Today I thought to share a few with you.

This tower with sweets and macarons 
looks amazing!
Perfect for a wedding or baby shower favors.

This shop in Dubai Mall 
has many pretty displays.

Stuffed pigeon anyone??
He was all alone standing knee-deep in bird seeds.

My little grand-daughters Anais and Eloise
eating chocolate ice-cream wearing white dresses...


The south of France has so many cute 
villages with lovely brocante markets.
This was one of the stalls that had beautiful
white linen, I kept going back to admire her goods,
if only...

My little pink camera is empty now, 
ready for those unexpected moments...

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby Pouches

Last week I was busy making these baby pouches.
Same model, only in different colours.
I have to admit, it is getting repetitive ...
New lace though, that adds a little spark.

Don't you just love the front panel..
Yep, new lace!

This pouch is made with Dupioni silk.

Here I used a different lace for the front panel.

I added some lace to a ready bought diaper bag,
to match the baby pouch.

These embroidered flowers are at the back 
of the baby pouch, in real they are more pink 
than in the picture. 


Not too Shabby..

I found this cheerful printed material 
and made a few cushions.
Perfect for a teen's room.

To my delight while lace hunting I also found 
this ribbon embroidered net that is used 
as a front panel for a dress.

I have many more ideas for it...
I hope you are having a great weekend.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lace, lace and more lace...

Today a different Moses basket stand,
I had this stand made a few years ago
but didn't have a basket big enough to fit the stand.

At last I found this nice one, it's bigger 
than my usual one and it fits like a glove..

I also found some soft cotton lace material
and covered the sides with it.

I really had fun making this basket.
I get tired sometimes copying my own designs for orders.
Making different models, using new found materials,
and being creative is my enjoyment.

The curtain is different too, I used many layers 
of  lace and cotton, so you can peek through 
the lace and see the baby.

Same basket in a different light...

In case you missed this post...

I hope you have a wonderful week,
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Moses Basket with blue detail

Back to work!  Babies wait for no one...
After my holiday I had to catch up with my orders.
This off white Moses basket is a favorite model,
I still enjoy making them, they look so fresh and crisp.

I used cotton with a little fleur de lis pattern 
for the base and bedding,
then added many layers of lace.

I always fix a heavy cotton band to the handles
and bottom to secure the basket,
then hide the band with cotton lace.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.