Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tissue Box Cover Tutorial

I use this tissue paper brand and it has 200 tissues in it so it's 
quite high.
You can use any size box.
I put the box on a large card paper and drew around it, then tipped it onto it's right side,
followed the box contours and did the same on all sides.

Cut out along the lines.

Put the cut out pattern on quilted material and add one centimeter to 
the sides for the seam.
For the bottom edge there is no need for a seam, because the top material 
will fold over the ending.
Cut the outer material along the sides and leave two centimeters extra
for the bottom.

If you don't have quilted lining then you can use 
wading and lining material = more work!
Stitch the four sides, marked with pencil, so the box will fit 

Pin the seam and machine stitch around.

Mark where the tissue opening should be, 
then zig zag a very tight, giant button hole.

I used a medium-hot iron to make nice folds on all sides.

If you like a simple tissue box without frills 
then here is where you should stop. 

Or just keep going...

I love this Toile!


Tissue Box Covers

The last two days I was like the Energizer  Bunny...
For a long time I didn't make any tissue box covers,
this time I had a request to make a few and I couldn't stop.

Here a romantic, sweet, frilly tissue box cover.
Cotton material and lace.

Purple corduroy, to match the cushions in the previous post.  

Grey linen with cotton lace.

An other one to match the cushions of last post.

Rachel's inspired Union Jack design, I love this one.

mmm, I was looking for something English to display 
the tissue box with... how about my dictionary!

Pink is always nice to play with, 
plenty to find around my home.

This cupboard is waiting for a second layer, and waiting...

Grey linen with grey cotton lace.
I used a heavy linen and worked very well to make these box covers.

These were so easy to make so I think there shouldn't be any 
bare boxes anymore!
The Tissue Box Tutorial is already up in my next post...

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Purple Cushions

This time I had an order for a few purple 
cushions and some hanging decorations 
for the cupboard door. 

The small one is 30 x 50 cm. and would look nice on a 
small chair where the lace can hang down on each side.

This little ball fits in the palm of your hand,
cute and small.

I made this one with Indian raw silk and padded silk.

The lace cover, I made with all different 
laces stitched together, like the tutorial I posted before,
only this time I made it bigger. 

Different silks.

This is a 50 x 50 cm. cotton cover.
The ribbon looks navy, but is dark purple.


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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet marche baskets...

How cute are these shopping baskets?
Today I finally covered these bags, they were laying around the house 
waiting to be improved.

I have a few coat hangers like this one bought at an auction
in Holland.
I want to keep them, hoping that one day I'll have my own house
and hang them in my kitchen all painted in a shabby way.. 

I was lucky to find some more grey cotton lace 
to use on this bag.

This toile material I found in France a few years ago, so I use it sparingly.

This rose smells so nice, I made sure my husband knows now 
what I like and where to buy them...
and hint to him my birthday is coming soon...

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nursing cover with lace

A client brought me a sample of a nursing cover and asked if I could 
make one like it, but made with lace.
It was fun to make a new item that is handy for 
nursing mothers.

The front has a hard plastic band to keep it standing out so
the nursing mother can keep eye contact with the baby.

Great! new item to add to my web-site...

In the Arab world, Friday and Saturday
is weekend.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Soap Favours

Today I'm busy with these soap covered favours.
My room really smells very nice with all those unwrapped soaps.



I glued the lace on top of the soap and finished off with some flowers
and flat pearls.

 minty green

No pink today!

I hope you have a lovely week,