Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Lavender Shoes.

Today I was making some lavender filled shoes and I will show you step by step how to make them.

First you draw on a sturdy paper the shape of a vintage shoe and cut it out.
Put the shoe shape on top of the material and trace it.
Cut out the shoe with an additional centimeter for the seam.

Then you choose the material, I chose upholstery cotton for one and a lighter cotton, in colour and texture, for the other.
The grey shoe I filled with lavender and the lighter one with wading, I didn't use lavender for this one because the purple flowers would show through and make it look grey.

Stitch all around the shoe but leave an opening on top for turning and filling.

 About the keys.... I'm just showing them off, I bought them in Lille, France a few years ago, I'm always on the look out for keys, chandelier crystal and vintage lace...

My lavender I get from.. you guessed it, France..

Today I bought too much lace again! I couldn't leave it... Cotton lace, when will I find that again?.... well in the next shop maybe and in the one after that...

This one is grey and off white, soo pretty!

OK... we add some lace, flowers and a bow.

                                                                  and we are done.

Tomorrow I will be off with my daughter through the desert for about 8 hours...
with my camera of course, to share our adventure with you.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Lovely shoes !!!
    Here we do some similar think, but not so beautiful......:(

    Hanve a nice weekend and enjoy !!!
    Regards from Spain

  2. Hello Dear Angela, how precious your shoes! Thank you for sharing this tutorial with your followers, perhaps realize and stress that your authorship on my craft blog, at Christmas I did some tutorials boots upholstered in fabric that are fantastic! , blessings, Rose Marie

  3. Wow such gorgeous creations!
    Happy Pink Saturday.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    <(' .' )>


  4. I love the shoes! Thank you for the tutorial and Happy PS!


  5. Those are just so darling...the shoe lover in me had to see them all! But make 'em Victorian and I am in love!

    Come on over and join in my HEART Pocket Giveaway! I'd love for you to enter!
    Happy Pink!

  6. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. The shoes are so sweet. And how wonderful the must smell! I love lavender. I'm a new follower and I look forward to reading more about your crafts and adventures.
    Best to you,
    Lynn @ Cottage and Creek

  7. Your treasures are beautiful creations. I can not wait to make some of these. Thank you so much for your tutorial and pattern. This is my first time on your blog. I will checkback often. Your creations on the other entries are breathtaking.

  8. Thanks so much for showing me how to make those lovely little pillows. Looks like I could do care.

  9. I think your shoes are just beautiful. I am now your latest follower. You have a lovely blog and I don't want to miss a post. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  10. Hi Angela, these are so pretty, and I can almost smell the lavender! The lace is amazing, what a wonderful find, I don't blame you for grabbing it all! Thanks so much for linking up for the party with VIF,

  11. Just stunning! I bet they smell divine! Visiting from Inspiration Friday.