Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aladdin's cave...

I found Aladdin's cave... for lace-o-holics,
The lace shop I usually go to has a new 'store', I went today and as promised I took some pictures.
Here is a shot from the middle of the shop and when passing through you can see left and right through the alleys.

When I steped inside the shop I had a grin on my face, like a child in a candy store.

The packets are sold per 15 yards, just right for me.

 I bought these, double sided ribbons, hard to find here, I will spend an hour rolling it up to keep it tidy.

I will be busy today ironing this pale pink cotton lace but it is worth it.

Here a mozaic of lace I couln't resist, the top left is made of cotton so perfect for babies sheets and blankets.

Thanks for joining me to my new found 'Cave'...
I hope you have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It all starts with 2 pillows...

My memory fails me, about why I don't like making bed covers...
So I started again and found out it's not so bad after all, I just need to give myself more time to make them.
Sometimes getting older is a blessing...

Today I finished the two pillows and the bed cover is half done, I just needed a certain size lace so I went to my lace shop and there the problem starts...

I can never leave the shop without two bags full of ooohs! and ahhhhs!
and I made an appointment to go and see 'the new shop' sigh!

I will take my camera so you can see for yourself and tell me if I need help or would you do the same.

Flowers are from Sia and were 30% off.

Here is some green lace, I like to cut out the leaves and use them beside flowers.

 This is just yummy, the colour is amazing! and 12 cm long.

This is about 3 cm. wide and I think nice to use with lavender because it has a little window.
And you never guess what is so special about this lace....
Well... it glow's in the dark???
I tried it and it really does!
Now I have to think what to use it on, maybe on a pillow for the bed, so when you close the light you will know where your target is.

Thank you so much for now I have 103 followers and so many sweet ladies who encourage me with kind words.
I love blogging!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back in time

I didn't have much time to make anything new, so I went trough my old posts and pictures and found some nice ones I think worth repeating.

 This is one of my favorite pillows and a removable chair cover I made and I am proud of, it came out so nice and it was my first one.

This is a little girls dress, made with silk and lots of lace, the girl's auntie got married, so it had to be special.

My daughter Nad at the Dubai horse races, isn't she cute?

 I love this cosy corner at a client's home, I made all the cushions and seat cover.

My daughter, husband and sweet babies are safely back home in France and left my home lonely and still, I already miss them.

Now it's back to work for me and hopefully some new posts.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Out and about in Dubai!

First stop... nice and early, the fish market.
Missed by many visitors but I think a must see!
All the colours and kinds of fish, local and imported, the people of Dubai love fish and eat it often, so do we.

 We did a tour around Dubai with my daughter's in-laws, it was their first time so we were their tour guides.

 Neat and tidy displays.

Next stop, the spice market to buy some saffron, I only use it in my Paella.

My daughter and her mother-in-law choosing some fine spices.
Little Eloise is looking on.

Bottom right is Frankincense above that, red tea and all the way left is sage.

A little further past the spice market is the gold souq and the gold is overwhelming.
The golden belt and head decorations are used for girls at wedding celebrations. 

Bling, bling...

After that there was some dress shopping for this little princess Anais.

 Here my two little granddaughters holding tight.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and hold your loved ones tight.