Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tea Cosy Tutorial

Today I made a few Tea Cosies  
and would like to show you how I made them.

This is a nice project to use up your scraps
of lace and doilies.

The small cosies are 30 cm. wide and 28 cm. high, but that 
can be adjusted to the size of your teapot.
I used cotton material for the front and back 
and stitched wading to the backside of the material.
At this stage you can decorate and add the lace to the front
and if you like, to the back.

This ready made wading I used for the inside, 
cut the same size as the top material.

Pin the outer panels together facing the good sides.

Do the same with the wading with the good sides facing,
like on the picture below.
In this order stitch all four panels together.

This is the way it should look after stitching all four together.

Open the layer and turn over with the good side out.

Now pin the layers together and zigzag them.

I added gathered lace on the edge and finished it of 
with bias tape.

I used some of my vintage doilies.

Here I added an extra strip of material 
to make a pocket to store a few bags of tea.

Here is my latest indulgence....
I drink a lot of coffee, did I mention my Mum is Dutch..
In Holland they drink lots of koffie.
One push of a button and 

Come and join me anytime.

Today I will join Cindy for Show and Tell Friday


  1. Wow Angela!
    I have no words to describe what I'm seeing here! these are just wonderful, I love them! I also have lots of laces and I was wondering what else can I do, your blog it is an inspiration for me, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and showing us this terrific tutorial, I'm going to make some of these for sure.
    Big hug!
    Laura =)

  2. Angela,thanks for great tutorial.

  3. Love it :) I have made several of these to give as gifts, because....You guessed it lol. I am a Dutch coffeedrinker too, indeed one push to the button and voila.....
    Thanks for the tute and ideas, love your blog ♥

    Hugs from Marian

  4. thank you so much for the tutorial, the idea with a pocket is very interesting!

  5. merci beaucoup pour ce tuto, ce cache théière est magnifique.