Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to get sand in every nook and cranny...

Yesterday was our desert fun drive.
We started very early and had breafast at a campsite, organised by my daily Gulf News paper.
After that I had to deflate my tyres, you need less air in them for sand dunes so they have better grip.

We found some camels on the way, they are supposed to be called 'dromedary' because they have one hump, never mind here they are called 'camels'..

At some places you had to go through one path with super soft sand and there were no other ways to go around it, so many people got stuck and had to get rescued by ever so kind Marshals who had a busy day with more than 700 cars participating.
To go through that path took about an hour waiting for your turn.

 Here some brave people with the best view....

Here my daughter Laila took a picture of some cars being stuck, we were a daughter mother team, my better half didn't think it was fun sitting in a car for about nine! hours..

This time I got stuck sliding sideways on a steep ridge... These kind men were very helpful and got us out, they are the kings of the hills and have been riding the dunes since a very young age.
Thank you guys!

On this hill I was praying for the first 10 meters and later I was proudly smiling for the rest of the way...
I did it!

 Don't ask... I still have to find out what they are.... I liked the colour, they look pretty.

We survived and are happy to be home again, waiting for next years event... bring it ON!!

Now how to get sand out of every nook and cranny?

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  1. I'm soooo jeaulous.. wish i was there with you guys! I could strap my mini-bunnies to me and away we goooooo!
    Love you guys! and well done you super desert champions!