Thursday, September 30, 2010

Auction time in Holland.

This is 'Alkmaar Veilinghuis', they have auctions five times a year, again I wish my suitcase was bigger.
A few years ago I filled up a container with furniture and had it shipped to Dubai and now my house is filled to the rim.
I will post some pictures of my home so you can see for yourself just how full it is...

Walking through Lyon.
As you can see I'll be due back in December.

Anais, my beautiful granddaughter

Just in time for her second birthday party.

Next, France to visit my daughter

This was at a fair in Lyon, all the streets were lined with stalls and I had a blast!
It's a pity I had a 20 kg. luggage limit.

From Holland we drove about six hours by car to Lubeck, Germany.
We stayed there for two days and it rained the whole time.
Lubeck is famous for it's Marzipan and here is a shop that displays little houses made of it.

Some more pictures

Here are a few flower shops in Alkmaar.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A flower shop in Alkmaar, North Holland.

Holland here I come..

The weather is so nice here in Holland, like winter in Dubai.
What I missed most is riding my bike and eating Dutch liqorice, my Mum is Dutch so I grew up here.
I am on a strict diet so the liqorice will have to wait, I just need to get a few bags for my daugters.