Saturday, April 23, 2011

April in Holland...

I'm sorry for being so late with my blog,
These days I am enjoying my time in Holland.
This week flew by and I have one more week before I go back to Dubai.

The weather is amazing and this is the best months to see all the flowers in the fields.
I'm staying with my parents and their home is close to the bulb fields, so we took the bike and the camera and here are the views ... 

Blue as far as the eye can see and the smell is amazing.

Notice the double petals of this tulip.

Here a few houses ( shops) in a nearby town Alkmaar.

We live close to the sea, this is me with my Mum's two dogs.

In this tower they weigh cheese on Friday's, a tourist attraction of Alkmaar.

I hope you have a lovely Easter Holiday.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hawksbill Turtle Release.

Today we had an incredible day at the beach.
The weather was perfect, a lot of wind, not humid and about 34 degrees Celsius.

We were invited to witness the release of rescued turtles,
these turtles were found by people on the shores of Dubai.
Some were covered with barnacles and couldn't swim anymore, so the center gets them cleaned, treated and nursed back to health. 

 Today they were released back to the sea and children were encourraged to help so they can understand
the importance of preserving the wildlife and environment.

 There was a big crowd to see the turtles make their way to the sea.
This area is protected by  E.M.E.G. so usually only the people that work there can enter.

Nad is in her element working here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby pink or Baby blue ribbons?

This Moses Basket goes with the previous beige bed cover and pillows, so the set is complete for the new mother to be.

I added blue and pink ribbons, now it is up to the baby to decide... 

I hope you are having a lovely week.

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Queen Victoria's dress...

Two days off total bliss!
In between orders, I like to make something different than baby items.
So I took out my flowers, ribbons, lace and most important.... the glue gun!

 The black dress on the page is that of Queen Victoria, I thought this green and red dress could fit her perfectly...

I even gave her a crown.

The back of the dress looks as good as the front with an added bustle (looked it up) a puffed material for the back.

Does it show yet I had fun?

The photo's are from the collection at the Fashion Museum in Bath.

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