Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sweet Lacey Baby Blanket

I had a request to make a baby blanket
with a matching bonnet.

I didn't make this design before.
I used ribbons and lace on the outside 
and cotton for the backing.

The silk bonnet is also lined with soft
and warm material.
Dubai is a hot country but the air-conditioners 
are always on.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guest Towel Wrap

Done and dusted!
40 towel wraps for giveaways,
wouldn't you like to be on that guest list?

A strip of Velcro keeps the wrap into place.

I had to show off these cute crochet hearts,
I don't take credit for making them...

and my tiny ceramic flowers and not to 
forget that amazing hand made table runner.

I hope you are having  
 a wonderful week.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More favours...

This week I was busy making more favours.

I thought to show you my new material too...

Not one square of the silk patch work  
is the same.

All it needs is some lace here and there
to become a bed-cover... 

I love the crown on this tissue-holder. 

They look so pretty with three layers of lace.

Wishing you Happy Eid Celebrations.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Covered Cotton Bud Holder Tutorial

Today I made something different...
Cotton bud holders covered in toile,
draped with lace, a dash of trim, and 
sprinkled with flowers. 

I started with plain cotton bud containers.
These flip open from the side and are a little 
trickier than the ones that have a top cover.

I took the measurement of the circumference 
and cut the material precisely at the edge. 

I then glued it into place,
and made a mark where the material will be cut out 
so the lid can be closed.

From the back I left some extra material
to overlap.

I'm sorry this picture isn't very clear.
Here I zig-zaged some lace at the edge
of the material, following the pattern.

I started gluing in the middle to make it 
fit exactly around the container. 

I glued the material to the top, and later cut 
out along the edges.

Oops! make sure if you have a pattern on the 
material that it is upright...

Gather all the trims you have and find one or two 
that looks best on your container. 

Carefully I followed the edge of the container with the trim
making sure I didn't glue the cover shut...

Both sides with different trim.

I have this nice cotton lace that has 
 ribbon through it, so I glued that all around  
 the edge of the top.

Then I pulled the ribbon to tie it close.

I gathered some flowers and trims 
to glue on top of the container.

This cutie will look nice on any dressing table.

This square box is much easier to make.
I used the same lace with ribbon as on 
the top of previous container.
Then I glued it around the edge of the lid.

Then pulled the ribbon tight and glued into place.

Some trims to decorate the top with.

I glued a strip of material around the container
with the lid on because if it overlaps the lid 
won't close.

I then added some trim at the top 
and bottom of the container,
and had fun decorating the top.

I hope you have a wonderful and creative week.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Cream Silk Moses Basket

Today I finished the second Moses Basket,
on this one I added a hood.

I love this small blanket, I used different 
strips cotton lace stitched over each other.

On this canopy I used a 30 cm layer of silk
for the top part, it brings the basket and canopy together.

Not to forget a matching baby pouch...

I used an Austrian-lace panel for the top.
Here in Dubai we have a shop that sells 
French and Austrian lace, it takes just a little
of this luxury to make the pouch stand out.

Remember the favours I made last week?
Today I added a few table runners 
to complete the decor.

 So adorable....

                                            Yesterday my daughter came home with this
beautiful bouquet of flowers, just because
I love you! she said.

Children are a true blessing.