Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Little Princess

This week I was busy making a bedroom set
to welcome a new baby girl.

These are still my favorite colours, Ivory and rose.
Lace and bows galore..
I love the cameos on the pillows and baby pouch.

I chose the little oval pattern on the cushion to 
match the design.

I replaced the flowers on the crown of the baby bed
 with bows.

I used my sample laces on the panel of this sweet gown.

On Saturday my daughter Nad and I are on our way 
 to Holland to catch the auction again..
We need to find some more antiques and vintage goods 
to stock up our new store.
This week we opened our online shop

Please come and visit.

I hope you have a wonderful week

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wrought Iron Baby Bed

 This sweet baby bed is covered with silk on the outside 
and cotton on the inside.

This bed is a good size for a newborn baby until
the age of at least five months old.

All my canopies can be reused later over a single bed
tied to a bed crown.
The skirt is removable and could be used on the front 
of a day bed..
Wow! talk about recycling.. 

I used cotton for the bedding and the lace 
is only on the outside of the blanket.

I hope you have a great week!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Pink Cotton Quilt

I had a call from a lady that sells quilted bedcovers 
and she knows the colours I like.

The saleslady told me that she found a few and was keeping them for me.
I was over the moon to find out they were pink!

They are made from 100% cotton even the wadding..

I know these pouches are in the way from 
taking a good look at the cover..
just look around them!

Did I mention that the pillowcases are super cute too!
and look at the back of the quilt... it has stripes!

The same lady sells crocheted pillow cases too, I will 
add some lace to the borders and a few bows to make it 
stand out!

I love the lace panel on this baby pouch.

I hope your days are filled with treasures.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Old Wives Tales..

How many times during one's pregnancy have they 
predicted if it is going to be a baby girl or baby boy..

If the mother is more graceful throughout her pregnancy,
she is having a girl. 
If she is clumsy, she is having a boy...

Oh! I like this one..
Do you feel your nose is growing and getting wider?
If so, you might be getting a boy. 

If you are craving for salty foods while pregnant
you can count on having a boy.

If you crave sweets, fruits and orange juice, 
you are having a little girl..

You can find more Old Wives Tales here.
This Moses basket is ready for either.

This Moses basket is quite popular, I have a drawing
of it by Jennelise Rose and I found an embroidery
by Elina Partu of it.

It is great to see that some expecting parents still like 
to be surprised at birth.
We didn't know the sex of my babies until the birth,
we have three lovely girls.

I had to get this baby pouch out of my system,
I bought a bag full of one yard lace samples,
they are so pretty, I used them on this pouch
and soon I will use them on the front panel of a 

I also made this new baby blanket.
On the inside I used pure soft cotton and on the outside 
layers of lace.

For my next baby bed I bought this wonderful 
pink lace, perfect for a canopy.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rose Boudoir Seat

After my holiday, it's back to work again and because 
most of my creations were posted by a kind lady
onto 'Instagram' I am fully booked until September...

Most requests are for these baby nests,
so I have to warn you from now
my posts are going to be quite repetitive...

I found this great waterproof liner covered with 
cotton flannel,
which is perfect to keep the baby-nest from stains.

I also received an order for this cute boudoir seat.

This is the sample cushion I had to match
the chair with;
it is part of a complete bedroom set.

                                                   I used light pink silk for the top and 
                                                       light green cotton for the skirt.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wonderful France

We are back from a refreshing holiday in France.
This time we spend a week in Aquitaine region,
a two hours drive from Toulouse.

We stayed for seven days and it rained for 
most of it...
I love the rain!

The house we rented was amazing!
If you need a large house to have four families 
get together, this is it..

The house sits on 17 acres of private land,
with beautiful flowers and fruit trees.

My sweet grand-daughters are growing up so fast.
We see them about two times a year and the changes 
at this age is really amazing.
Eloise is now two years old.

Anais is four years old.
She loves stories and is great at drawing pictures.
I can't wait for them to come over and stay for their 
summer vacation.

I found this stall at the market and couldn't
resist buying a few meters of wonderful fabrics.

Au revoir France, I miss you already...
I hope you have a great week.