Sunday, September 11, 2011

Victorian Style Holders.

Today I made these baby diaper and wet wipes holders,
to keep in the baby bag.
Very frilly with Velvet and Moire materials, velvet flowers and 
lots of lace.

This one is to keep diapers in.

And this one is for wet wipes.

You'll never guess what this is for....

Hidden away under the oval flap is the 
opening of the tissue box.

Here a cute little bolster, the insert can be removed 
from either side, I closed it with a bow.

The back has lace pockets, you can never have too
many of those...
unless you can never remember where you put 
the safety pins or car keys...

This crochet lace looks like handwork, 
but it isn't..

This is the back of the wet wipes.

Here are some ooh's...

and ahh's...

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Today I'm joining in with Show and Tell Friday


  1. Yes, oohhhhs and ahhhhhs. Everything look beautifull.

    Have a nice day, Sylvia

  2. Angela, I love this tiny velvet flowers, are they violets?

  3. Angela,
    These are beautiful!!
    (too beautiful to hide in a diaper bag.) =)

    You should mag some purses or sachets in the same style. or maybe you have already. =)

    off to look around more.

    barbara jean

  4. SO Awesome. It's so nice that you're bringing these pretty things back into fashion. It's inspiring.