Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Silk Baby Gown and Bonnet

This dress I made a long time ago and was forgotten
in the back of the cupboard.

I love the sleeves on this dress, it reminds me 
to buy more than one packet of a lace if I really like...
Now, this lace is no where to be found .

Shhh... baby is sleeping.



  1. Dearest Angela,

    Shhh, what a dream; both baby AND the dress! You know what to create from any fine lace you lay your hands on. Too bad that it is no more available...
    Love to you,


  2. Angela~you are so talented, my gosh this is beautiful! I want to snatch it right up!

  3. I love this and if I had a baby I would want her in this..it is so sweet..All our lovely fabic stores are closing one after another in our area. We had a mill that had the best lace and fabric and when it closed it hurt a lot of women..always take more than you need...

  4. Hi Angela, what a precious little outfit. I love the details like the lace on their sleeves, the hem and so on. It really is a piece worthy of caring! greetings. Rose M.

  5. merci de ta visite,je découvre ainsi ton blog.