Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet marche baskets...

How cute are these shopping baskets?
Today I finally covered these bags, they were laying around the house 
waiting to be improved.

I have a few coat hangers like this one bought at an auction
in Holland.
I want to keep them, hoping that one day I'll have my own house
and hang them in my kitchen all painted in a shabby way.. 

I was lucky to find some more grey cotton lace 
to use on this bag.

This toile material I found in France a few years ago, so I use it sparingly.

This rose smells so nice, I made sure my husband knows now 
what I like and where to buy them...
and hint to him my birthday is coming soon...

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Today I will be joining in with Show and Tell Friday


  1. The baskets look great! you must do a tutorial on how to line them!!!!

  2. These baskets are so romantic, I like them very much,

    Laura =)

  3. Hola Angela, I have soooo loved everything you create, such beauty in all you do!!!!
    I´m so sorry to visit you back almost a month later...
    Your blog and creations are such a wonderful moment to me, really beautiful!!!
    hugs dear

  4. I love what you did with the baskets, Angela! They are beautiful now.
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Love these baskets, they are so romantic and pretty.

  6. Those are so gorgeous, I always no I have an eye candy treat waiting for me at your blog!!


  7. Precious and pretty--love the gentle ruffles and how sweet hanging for view. I want to try this too! Have a lovely week. Patty

  8. Your a "sewing machine" with so many ideas and wonderful workmanship.
    I'm basically almost a non-sewer, but I'm going to try some edging on my tote bags I use to carry home items from stores.

  9. Tutorial please!!! You are AMAZING!!!!