Sunday, June 12, 2011

June Moses Baskets

Today I finished a blue Moses Basket, this time a nice fresh cotton cover,
perfect for the hot weather.
Temperatures reached 45 Celsius yesterday and will go even higher in July and August. 
So cotton is always best. 

And a beige one..



  1. Hallo.........leuk dat je eens ff bij me langs bent geweest en ja hoor, d'r kan nog best een stoel bij. Je komt maar hoor hihihi.
    Ik zag zojuist bij je vorige post dat je ook op het boek van Rachel Ashwel zit te wachten.....duurt jammer genoeg nog ff hé. Ik bestel mijn boeken meestal ook bij de Bookdeposotery....meestal ook nog lekker snel!
    Doeggggggggg Marga

  2. Hello Angela, these are beautiful, they are very sweet and I love them!

    I can not believe the hot weather you have! How high the temperature will be in July? I have never experienced something like that, but I guess it is very normal in Dubai.


    Laura = )

  3. More of your lovely laces! These are wonderful designs.

  4. Beautiful, If you remember, I would love in your next post to know how many hours go into making a basket, start to finish, cutting and sewing. Even though you have it down to a fine art I am guessing it takes hours!


  5. you are i can bought your itemes?