Thursday, August 1, 2013

On Friday my daughter Nad and me are joining 
The Artisans of the Emirates
in their bi-monthly Art & Craft Market
on the 2nd of August
from 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

I used to participate in most craft markets
here in the Emirates.
Every week, early morning, loading up the car
with all my frilly tissue-box covers and lavender
sachets.. meeting ladies from different nationalities was 
the best experience, chatting and drinking coffee from a flask..

Through these bazaars I handed out my business cards
and now the ladies know where to find me..
at home..

A few weeks ago my daughter and I opened an
online shop for Brocante and Antique goods.
We also have handmade creations and will be
selling them at the ARTE market and handing out 
lots of business cards...

I hope the ladies of Dubai will pass by and say hello,
it will be nice to meet the bloggers from this part of the world.

What do you think of my new material?
I think they copied the 'Laduree' cakes..
Never mind, I bought the whole roll, I'm thinking
table-covers, napkins, aprons, tea-cosies,
I will even make a yummy Moses basket with this material..  

I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Очень симпатичные подушки получились.Ткань с пасторальными сценами ну очень знакома.брала такую в ПарижеюСейчас тоже шью из нее подушку

  2. Dearest Angela,
    You got some really nice French cotton Toile de Jouy fabrics!
    Good luck with your new endeavors.