Friday, August 9, 2013

Eid Mubarak

Dubai is enjoying a few days of Eid Festivities.
It marks the end of Ramadan.
Add to that the blessing of new babies.
These days I did my best to finish all my orders on time.

This wrought iron baby bed I made before and 
this model will not be repeated.
I do like to change often and introduce new designs.

I love the curtain on this Moses basket,
the lace is so pretty, sadly it is not available any more..

Here you can see the details of the lace curtain.

The same Moses basket without the curtain.

Not to forget the baby pouch to match..

I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Hoi Angela,

    Steeds als ik denk het kan niet mooier verras je ons weer met je nieuwe creaties!!! Petje af hoor echt helemaal te gek!!

    Veel liefs Sharon

  2. Dearest Angela,
    It IS true about the 'Thousand & One Night' fairy tales... At least you create them and living in your part of the world makes it all come together perfectly.

  3. Wow--so beautiful! Those roses are stunning too!

  4. Gorgeous lace, O see why you would like to have it available for a long time!
    So, where do I go to purchase one of the wrought iron beds? can you send me a link to that?
    Thanks so much!

  5. Angela,
    Once again..... WOW! Just gorgeous!
    Your work is always amazing. You create "heirloom" treasures. How wonderful..... they will be handed down through the generations. From "mother to baby" for years to come.
    My first love is "sewing". I can almost feel my mother's hands on mine when I'm at my machine. I learned to sew sitting on her knee when I was 5 yrs old. I would beg her to let me "help". I didn't know at the time..... it would become a life long passion.
    I am always inspired by your work. I adore all the ruffles and layers of lace. I took a simple kidney shaped table and turned it into a puffy ruffled vanity table. It looks so pretty in my bedroom with an antique brush & comb set and pretty perfume bottles. I got my inspiration here!

  6. Oh, I just LOVE your work! All of these are BEAUTIFUL! I too am over 50, but my only "child" is my kitty who looks very similar to yours! I would love to make him a "kitty nest" from one of these Moses baskets. There's another market for you! Plenty of people pamper their pets and would probably love to have these as a pet bed!

  7. How much for moses basket without curtain?