Monday, August 5, 2013

Two Baby Nests with Piz-zazz

I like that word.. Piz-zazz
meaning dazzling style and flair.. 
All nice words to describe these two cute
baby pouches, I love the colour my clients chose.

Soft yellow silk bows and 
I also used yellow lace under the cream one.
Can you see it peeking out?

On this pouch I used light green silk for the bows
and matching green lace.

Last Friday we participated in the ARTE market.
It was very quiet, I was told that it wasn't the ideal 
time of the year because most people leave the country 
for school vacation.
never mind.. we will try again in a few months time.
Summer vacation lasts here for about 3 months
because of the hot weather.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Dearest Angela,
    The same is true for the USA where school starts this week. People don't spend money on gifts or luxury, it is all aimed at back to school. Starting in or after September they start gearing up again for other things. But it will always be very hard to predict!
    Your two baby nests are so adorable and your photos are excellent. Visual presentation is everything!

    I love your baby pouches! I am getting more organized in my home and soon it will be the studio's turn and I can sew again! My serger is fixed and ready to pick up from the shop and I will be happy to sew again! But I have things to organize before I can .
    I am so happy to be making progress!
    LOVE y our table and flowers...Sorry the Market was not what you were hoping it would be. I am always disappointed when I go to all that effort.......and few people are there and those who are, are not buying what I sell!
    Hugs to you!

  3. Oh, to tuck a baby in one of these lovely cocoons! Your work, as always, is outstanding. ~Zuni