Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two Linen Moses Baskets

This week I finished a few consignments,
first a Moses basket covered with crisp linen and 
a blue silk double bow.

The second Moses basket is also covered with linen
and has gold silk bows..

I tried out some different ways to cover the 
boudoir seat, this time I used lace for the skirt.

The material I used on the seat was bought 
in France, I wish I brought back more..
We usually travel to France with light suitcases
and return with the maximum weight allowed.
We stuff the cabin-luggage to the max including handbags..
I wish that the airlines gave us credit weight and agree to add
 weight balance that we don't use
 on the flight to France to our weight allowance 
on the flight back..
I'll have a word with them...

I love the way these roses wilted, sweet pink
with an edge of gold..

The next consignment was an army of 
baby-shower favours.
Cute little baby prams for chocolates.
They are going all the way to Saudi-Arabia..

All ready to be shipped.

Just showing off my pretty lace covers,
I bought last time at auctions.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Oh wow all of your items are just gorgeous, but those mini carriages are tooo adorable for words ;)


  2. Love love love the pink & white!!!

  3. Dearest Angela,
    Oh, you keep surprising us over and over again with your artwork in lace. What a dream those linen Moses baskets are. And your boudoir cover is the most pretty I've seen. You are so right on that weight restriction on the plane. You know what it is? The total weight for take off has a maximum and with people becoming more and more obese, they now figured to 'minimize' that total weight is by punishing baggage by having us pay for the second piece. Why not sell tickets for total weight; person + luggage? They can easily list several categories for which you of course pay more if you + your luggage exceed the standard total weight. That would at least make it more honest towards us 'normal' weight people. OR... what is normal right now? Maybe we are abnormal?!
    But it doesn't make sense for having to pay $ 100 for a second piece of luggage when we fly to Europe. All in the name of political correctness but sooner or later they have to face this.
    Your baby-shower favors are a dream! How funny that these United States customs of having a baby shower etc. are now nearly adapted worldwide. Of course it means 'business'.
    Hugs to you,

  4. That's very cute creations your so amazing

  5. Oh my gosh Angela, the prams are gorgeous! It's been so long since I've caught up on my blogs. I'm so happy to see all of your beautiful things!
    Do you have any fabric shop suggestions in Paris? We will be traveling there and my Friend and I would love to visit shops for lace etc. I thought that you usually traveled there.
    Have a wonderful day.