Friday, March 1, 2013

New Tissue Box Cover

Kleenex has a new shaped tissue box..
an oval one!

For some not very exciting.. but for me,
a challenge! 
I just have to cover it..

I used padded sides and because the top 
of the box is plain,
 gathered lace was enough to cover it.

I was happy to find spring flowers here in the market.
They smell so nice, every time I pass by 
I need to get a whiff.

What better companion to a tissue box
is a boudoir seat..

How perfect is green and pink together.

Today I will be joining in with


  1. Dearest Angela,
    You made a lovely oval tissue box. Love the pink and green colors for the boudoir seat as well.

  2. Hallo Angela, het is weer prachtig geworden. Zulke mooie romantische dingen maak je,

    Groeten Janny

  3. Hoi Angela,

    Natuurlijk weer genieten zeg!! Wat een mooie tisseu boxen en die poef is zo vreselijk romantisch!!!!

    Veel liefs Sharon

  4. dit is weer genieten en wat ben je toch een talent op dit gebied.
    super zeg hoe je alles afwerkt.
    liefs An

  5. Angela,
    I love how they go together! And I just bought a pot with identical bulbs in it! Do you know if they are double Daffodils? or paperwhites....I don't know what they are, but I liked them and bought them as well!
    Your sewing is gorgeous....
    Hearts to you,