Monday, March 11, 2013

Toy-bag and Diaper-stacker

Today I finished this pretty diaper-stacker
and toy-bag for a client that came all the way
from Scotland to collect! 

The toy bag has silk bows so it can be tied to the crib.

For the little blanket I used soft cotton
on both sides.
The extra material on the sides are for tucking in.

This iron bed is still waiting to be covered.
You can see the thickness of the mattress,
I have them all custom made.

Here is a picture of that same bed in blue.
Just let me know what colour you want me to make it in...

I also made a few pocket tissue holders, 
they are fun to make.
As long they aren't too many...

I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Je weet dat ik altijd uit mijn dak ga van al die creaties van jou maar die speelgoed zak spant de kroon!!! Ik vind die zoooooooooo gaaaaaaffff!!! super mooi gedaan!!

    Veel liefs Sharon

  2. Angela,
    Ahhh.....this reminds me of the diaper stackers I have made as gifts...I have made only about 4 diaper stackers, but I enjoyed making them. I miss sewing for babies...oh, well, I can do that if I get off the computer!
    LOL Everything is just gorgeous, I wish I could find a clientele that would buy the things I make!

  3. Oh, angela,
    I have also made at least 4 craddle sets. Bumper pads, quilt, sheets, diaper stackers. Such good fond memories...