Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pink Lace Bed Cover

Pink is still my favorite colour, it looks so sweet 
with soft green and yellow.

This week I enjoyed making pillows
and tissue box covers in different 
textures and shapes.

Vanilla-cream, silk roses..

An over-sized pillow, I love this ABC fabric.
I have a small piece left and can't find any more...

To make this little cushion, I didn't need 
a sewing machine and all my spare wading
trims disappeared in it... 

The shop is always asking for more tissue box covers,
so I made plenty!

Boudoir seats are everyone's favourite.. 

I love the fabric on the seat, it has all the 
shades of pink and green.

Velvet roses are the best!

How sweet is this little mirror with 
white wooden shutters.

I had to decorate it because the wooden panels 
on the inside of the doors weren't very pretty.

I added wading and fabric on carton, 
then glued it to the door.
Now the problem is that the shutters 
won't shut...

Now I have to find an other way to cover 
the panels.

I had another project pending..
to cover a lampshade.
This new lace material is so handy,
I cut around the flowers and glued it to 
the lampshade.

What a great invention is the glue gun!
I remember hand stitching lace onto 
wicker baskets... I still have the needle mark
on my finger from pushing it through the basket,
25 years later..

I hope you have an inspirational
and wonderful week.

Today I will be joining in with


  1. Your work is amazing--I just can't see enough of it!

  2. Pink is my favorite color, so you post really makes me smile! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.

  3. Hoi lieve Angela,'

    Wat maak je me altijd blij met je prachtige dingen ik geniet van elke foto!! Ben er weg van!!

    Veel liefs Sharon

  4. Angela,
    What a beautiful lamp shade, love the lace I'd love to find some like it. the pillows and the bed cover, I have been thinking about making a bedcover out of doiles, I love this look! The tissue box covers and the mirror are also so pretty. I am going to make a Boudoir seat. Actually, it is a vanity stool with a low back on it belonged to my mom-in-law. It needs to be recovered but I love having it in my bathroom at my counter. I will make it compliment the rest of our bedrom and my bath colors...
    Such fun ideas you have given me!
    Hearts to you,

  5. All your creations are so beautiful, just perfection! thank you for coming to the party!!