Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Bunnies

A few days ago I passed by Pottery Barn
and found this glass cloche with stand on sale..
It is a perfect size to keep my two bunnies under.

I have to keep my small breakables behind glass
away from my clumsy cat!
He would chew the moss and I would have to go 
on an egg hunt to find these eggs again..

Did you notice the bunnies on this material?
I love the colour and print.

look at this lovely silk embroidered material!
There was only one yard left,
so I have to make the most out of it...

I already started making a pouch and 
a Moses basket from it...
One yard you said? 

How cute are the details..
something blue,

and something pink..

To be continued....

Today I will join in with


  1. Angela, I love your cloche and your sweet Easter bunnies ;)
    The fabric is beautiful.....

    Have a very happy easter ;)

  2. So cute Angela!
    I LOVE anything nestled under a cloche!
    Happy Easter and Spring Friend.

  3. Everything here is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Zo gaaf weer allemaal!! Ik zie dat jij ook besmet bent met het vogelvirus!!! Ik ben er weer helemaal weg van!!

    Veel liefs Sharon

  5. Dearest Angela,
    Aha, you got Pottery Barn too?
    Feels alike... Your bunnies are too cute and how you perform miracles with the one yard.
    Lovely as usual.
    Hugs and Happy Easter to you.

  6. Lucky you to have stopped into Pottery Barn, good find for your bunnies.
    I did not notice the bunnies on the fabric until you pointed it our, beautiful fabric indeed.
    Have a wonderful weekend.