Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby Nest

This week I've been working hard
to finish my orders.
I always take on more than I can handle and because
babies don't wait.. It must be finished on time!

I thought these were called baby pouches,
after going through 'Google search' I found out
they are called Baby Nests.
Nobody told me!

I also finished this matching set,
a baby nest and Moses basket.

A few years ago I covered these 
perfume bottles and now I thought to show you.

I made about 12 different bottles and they were 
used for a local wedding.
Filled with perfume, they were passed among 
the guests.


                                                       These are crystal bottles and I added
                                                        crystal chandelier pendants along with
                                                                hand made flowers.

They look pretty from all sides.

                                                      I hope you are having a wonderful
Spring Break.



  1. Dearest Angela,
    Baby nest or not but you live rightly so in the region where thousand-and-one-night fairy tales developed. You created many more. Those wedding favors are little dreams! Compliments to you and hats off.

  2. YOur bottles are beautiful, what fun that must have been to decorate. Now, we don't care if they are called pouches or nests...Lets just call the ADORABLE!


  3. Hoi Angela,

    Wat maakt me hart weer een sprongetje om weer zulke mooie dingen te zien!!! Die flessen zijn te gek!! Wat een super opdracht zeg!!! En zeker dat dchoentjes spant echt de kroon!!! Fijne week!!

    Veel liefs Sharon

  4. Angela - your work is just beautiful! I found you on Pinterest and wanted to see your blog. Your bottles are breath taking and all of your baby items are just like a fairy tale - dreamy.

    I also do alot of items in vintage lace, buttons, linens, etc. I just love the old stuff.


  5. Nice job

    How much the blue baby nest? And how can we order?

    Thank you