Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Skirt and a Tea-Towel...

While shopping for my little grand-daughter I found this 
frilly skirt.
Soft white cotton with layers and layers of frills.
It was on sale, so I bought more than one...

At the sale in Pottery Barn last month I found these tea-towels,
I love the print and some letters are embroidered.

This is why I bought more than one skirt,
I made a cushion out of it.
 I would like to meet the person 
that has so much patience to gather layers upon layers of cotton.
I would instantly hire her and sit her on a cushion, 
have her sew a fine seam,
and feed her strawberries, sugar and cream.

I cut of the top band of the skirt 
and stitched in the lace and circle.

I filled it up a bit too much...

The tea-towel wasn't spared..
I made a cushion out of it too.
The cushion insert was a bit bigger than the towel,
so I had to add a bit of material to the sides.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Via Nederlandse blog kom ik op je blog terecht en volgens mij kan jij Nederlands?
    Mooi blog heb je, ik ben hier even komen rondneuzen, was even nieuwsgierig :-)

    Ik wens je een mooie dag
    Groet vanuit een zeer regenachtig Nederland

  2. OMG of course everything you do is gorgeous, what a great idea for the ruffle skirt. Oh, I love the tea towel....pillows too


  3. The pillows are gorgeous, Angela! I love them.

  4. It's wonderful. I know I could be making things like this...thank you for reminding me. My mother would do those kind of things ...I forgot that I can too. You have helped restore my soul. Have a beautiful day.

  5. Your pillows are beautiful! I love them both.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. just beautiful, really gorgeous!I hopped over from the feathered nest hop and so happy I did. Hugs!

  7. oh wow!!
    I love this whole post and everything in it!
    I have internet back!! if you like Eloise can come crawling to you soon... oops... I also kind of ruined the surprise of the presents (don't worry... Anaïs doesn't know) but the books are super duper cute!! can't wait to get our hands on them!! love you to bits..
    your chairs are gorgeous too!! can you send one with laila??
    kiss kiss and hurray!! i now have written commitment that you're coming in December!!
    love you