Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moses Basket Drawings by Jennelise

Look what Jennelise drew for me,
I was so honored she choose my Moses Baskets.
I love her drawings, they are so sweet and precious.

 She drew three different designs of Moses Baskets, 
please visit her blog and see 
how pretty and artistic all her drawings are.
Dear Jennelise thank you so much.



  1. Hoi Angela,

    wat leuk....! Ik ga jou ook volgen hoor.
    Je woont helemaal in Dubai! Al 30 jaar! Wow.

    Tot mails, je hebt ook een leuke blog.
    Groetjes, Sylvia

  2. Oh aren't these unbelievable! I went over and followed her blog. You asked if I did the inside of my suitcase...No, I made it for resale, so I did not take the time, but I have seen them finished inside and it really is beautiful!


  3. These are so beautiful and when I took a closer look the colors are so girly girl the pastels just stand out. She did a great job!! :)

  4. HI.. I have just found your blog and I have enjoyed spending some time browsing. Its just so beautiful and your sewing is stunning. These drawings are so pretty too.


  5. I like the Pop-up storage boxes & the Moses baskets. I used a basket with a hood on it when my boys were babies.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Moses Baskets