Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pretty Legs...

I've got some pretty legs at home.

 I love the mahogany legs of my dining table.
This table is about a hundred years old. 
It's actually a desk with a leather top 
but if you don't look under the table cover... 
no one will know.  

I wonder, if I paint this little table, 
will the details disappear under the paint?  

The details are so pretty.

This coffee table is from the forties...
the details are less,
perfect for a paint job.

This table has just one leg and isn't that old.
I bought all these tables in Holland at auction.

A sixties oak sideboard with lots of carving, so heavy
it took five men to carry it when we moved house and it even had to be taken apart
to fit it in the elevator, it was called many names that day...

 ....Pretty wasn't one of them,
but to me it is!

Have a great weekend.


  1. All of your pieces are gorgeous! I love great legs!

  2. Hola muy bonito. Besiños Milita.

  3. wow! everything here looks so romantic and the pillows you made are soooo great too! i must to be a follower of your great blog! cant wait too see more. best wishes and a sunny day! di

  4. Hello there Angela,

    I love your blog and the legs are fantastic.

    Thanks for stopping by at Raindrops & Daisies.

    I am now your 200th Follower!