Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My First Chair Redo...

These grandmother chairs have been waiting 
too long now for a paint job.
I finally got the courage and time to go for it.

I didn't feel like stripping the stain off, so I painted
it two layers of water based paint, sanded it down a bit
and gave it a clear coat of varnish.
Any little bump takes away the paint...
Conclusion...  cutting corners 
and not removing the stain makes a bad paint job!

I do like my new covers, I didn't cut corners there and 
stitched in zippers so I can wash them.

Chair number two is waiting, 
I will wash it with hot water and soap a few times
because I hate using the stripping gel, it's just too much work.
My hat off to all the blog ladies that paint furniture.
I did look for Chalk paint from Annie Sloan here,
but no store has it.


I will be joining in with  White Wednesday


  1. MOOI geworden zeg, zo kun je van een *oude* stoel echt weer iets moois maken :)

    Groetjes van Marian

  2. Hi Angela, Your chair turned out just beautiful! If you are interested in how you could make your own chalk paint, you might like to take a look at Carole's post:

  3. You did a lovely job on your chair. You can use a primer paint like kilz before you paint and you wont need to strip it. I have done a lot big and samll pieces, you can sand the surface before you prime and then end result is, you dont have the chipping happening.
    Hope that helps,

  4. I think your chair turned out lovely. We all seem to learn from just doing and getting tips from others. I am going to go to the chalk paint link to read how to make my own.
    Happy new follower from White Wednesday.

  5. Dearest Angela,

    You did a remarkable job on that chair; especiall the upholstery. LOVE it.
    Have a great week and love to you,


  6. You have to order the chalk paint online, but it is so worth the price because I goes a long way and is so easy to use. If this really is your first chair redo, I think you did a fab job.

  7. Really pretty, lot of work, you did a great job! Celeste, The Victorian Tailor

  8. I never sand anything. I do however use "TSP" found in the paint department-- and wash the piece down. It takes the shine off of finishes and gives it some "tooth" for the new paint to hold on to. You should try it... it runs about $3.

    I love those wooden chairs with the pads, I've got one in my studio!!