Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A yummy Moses Basket

This Moses Basket is so sweet it gives me a tooth ache just looking at it..

 The skirt is attached with Velcro and can easily be taken off.

These days it takes me much longer to make anything, my mind has already taken off to France, I'm traveling on the 5th of December and can't wait.. but I still have to make a Christening gown, bib and hat to match for my last order.

 Super soft cotton for the blanket with ... lace!

Here is a picture without the skirt.

Tomorrow I have to think of a nice post on Cindy's blog for Show and Tell.
To post it early I have to set my alarm clock for 05:45 because of the time difference and sit there with my finger on the key... and then go back to bed, *yawn*!


  1. Hi Angela, What beautiful work you have done with that moises! beautiful! I never leave my amazement without exaggerating, you're talented, you spend a happy day tomorrow Thanksgiving Day, along with yours and especially that peace of God rule in your home and your heart, blessings, Rose Marie

  2. Hola buenas noches yo necesito sólo el convertir de el moices quiero saber cuán vale lo quiero