Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My living room

This is my living room,
I love my IKEA couches with washable covers, ideal with my cats and dogs.

 Clutter? no way! I collect .....

 I often imagine how this sideboard will look painted, one day..
The carved detail in the wood is so nice, perfect to play with.

This Moses Basket can be used for a boy or girl, there are still some people that wait and see what they will get and keep the gender of the baby a surprise.

The Moses Basket fits perfectly in this stand, I know an artist who is so talented, all I have to do is give him a drawing and he can make it exactly, I am very lucky to work with him.

 The Dubai Index Show.

 Here is my bedcover in the show, they already sold most of the items.

This is a bathtub in the shape of a shoe, covered in mosaic.

How about these yummy ceramic cake containers, they were already sold, I wanted them…

Clouds in Dubai... will it rain at last?
The building in the background is the tallest in the world and Tom Cruise is making a ‘Mission Impossible’ movie at the moment in Dubai and was seen abseiling from it last week.

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  1. Hi Angela, Where I live is very difficult to get the slip covers more in that color, is my goal to get to this next year. so you're agrasiada, they are so versatile, and when you wear a chest of these are precious! and look beautiful ceramic cake to decorate, you soon Rose Marie