Monday, November 29, 2010

Sweet Babies.

How sweet this baby sleeps.. and if you're thinking my new grand-daughter is here, you would be wrong...
This is my baby doll, isn't she sweet?

Meet one of my 'Carlos' dolls and yes.. I got them at auction! they came with their original folkloric clothes which aren't shown in this photo, these are my gown and cap.

 This I made today, a diaper stacker to match the previous set.


  1. I have a grandson due in January and I can't wait to see him sleeping so sweetly. Without all the frills, of course. The doll looks so real. I became a follower because it looks like good things are happening here.

  2. This post had my say auhhh the whole way through! Just beautiful!! Thank you for linking up to the first ever "Amaze Me Monday" blog party.