Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sprinkles of Lavender

I am lucky to get my Lavender from France as my daughter's mother in law and her friend are blessed with lavender in their garden and were so kind to keep some for me, so I had a fresh batch in August.
When I am busy making these hearts and boots my whole house smells so nice and fresh for days.

 The bodice of this little dress is filled with Lavender.

 Here you can see the fine handwork that went into this vintage table cover.
I was lucky to find this one in a charity shop in Bath, England.

 Here I wrapped up a small French soap, I will have to get more when I go next month.

 I bought some flat pearls last time I went to Dragon Market, which is a mall that sells all things made in China.

 These are from an auction a few years ago. Auctions are so thrilling, I sit there with a numbered paddle and get so exited that I usually buy things I don't really need, but the items are so nice and cheap and can't be left behind.

Frugal Friday party, be sure to come and visit.

I hope you all have a nice weekend and a happy Thanksgiving! 


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  2. Hi Angela, Sorry my English translations, you may not find a word to express a different, but hey thanks for visiting, and commenting. The last thing you've posted everything is so beautiful Angela! I love that the house smells rich and if you make your own sachet is a bonus, you also have been unique! And shoe booties, charming, which pretty combinations of fabrics, laces, delicate everything looks very romantic! every detail, in the manufacture of each accessory, the little dress, wrapped soaps, seems an ornament! and the set of coffee or tea, beautiful detail, Angela possess a treasure for me. Your friends, family, daughters, sisters, or your clients will be happy to have you near, then Insert your many beautiful things with your work! Angela blessings! Rose Marie

  3. Dear Angela,

    Your blog is so romantic and beautiful..
    I found your blog when I was looking at the blog of Rose Marie..
    And I am so happy I found you,because your things are so nostalgic and the colors are my style!
    And now I follow your blog!

    Maybe you want to take a step into my romantic and nostalgic world..I hope to meet you on y blog..

    Sweet greetings,