Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Sweet Pink Moses Basket

This week I had to catch up with late orders.
Rushing, trying to go a little faster, doesn't work!
I've cut and pricked my fingers too many times
and I'm typing with plasters now.. 
Never mind! 
See what I've finished today..
Pink Silk goodness!

This time the client wanted a removable skirt
to cover the legs of the Moses basket stand.

I like to lift up the canopy with this oval 
hanger, it can be lowered or removed completely.

This is how the stand looks like after removing the 
Moses basket.
It would look great with a few cushions, some 
dolls and teddies when not in use.

Ready to visit Grandma..

I used some pretty floral cotton material for the bedding.

Here you can see the cover of the handles.
I always add a heavy band
alongside the handles and running down and under
the basket to make the basket more safe.
You are not supposed to carry the baby in the basket
while moving it, but who likes to wake up a little baby?
So now the handles are supported and stronger!

Not to forget a matching Baby Nest..

Did you notice the mint green velvet details on this set?

My daughter is hard at work
 starting her own website.
A Brocante shop with many goodies
we've collected at auctions over the years.
It will be a good excuse to travel more often
to hunt for antiques and collectibles. 
It will also include some of my new designs 
and creations.
The good thing about her shop is..
she has payPal... 
This tissue box cover will be for sale in her shop.

Have you noticed... you can now 
subscribe to my posts by e-mail and never miss a 
a frilly moment...

I hope you are having a great week.


  1. Angela wow what a beauty you have created, for me your work and talents are unbeatable my friend, I drool over your frilly items ;)

    Have a peacefull Sunday~

  2. Lieve Angela,

    Wat heb je toch een talent om zulke mooie dingen te maken/!! Ben er helemaal weg van!!! Ik kan echt elke keer mijn ogen niet geloven. Hopelijk dat de winkel van je dochter heel goed gaat lopen. Kan ook niet anders met zo'n getalenteerde moeder, moet er vast ook een getalenteerde dochter bij horen!!

    Ik heb genoten van je post!!

    Veel liefs sharon

  3. Dearest Angela,
    This is incredible and as much as you are a MASTER with the needle for Romantic looks, you are genius also for the safety and practical part of your pieces! Hats off to you.
    How exciting for your daughter to embark on an e-commerce business. PayPal is great, that's what I've used over the years; safe and quick but they do charge a fee on everything, even the shipping.
    Hugs to you,

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  5. Angela,
    Good to see you back, no Wonder yiou weren't here, you were BUSY! This is so gorgeous...each and every one you make is exquisite and a one of a kind piece. I don't know how you keep up with yourself! Oh, wait, yes I stay off the log and work! Oh, wow, what a novel Idea for me!
    Gotta get to work! ;)

  6. And I love your lace tablecloth too! Congrats to your daughter about her store, it will be so much fun to see your treasures you are selling!

  7. Were can I purchase this beautiful bassinet? ?