Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Two Baby Dresses

It has been a while since I made  
frilly dresses, today I finished making 
two silk dresses for that special day.

The new lace I bought recently matched 
the colours perfectly.

I love this bonnet pattern, I have an other one 
that's cute too, I'll make it soon and show you.

This is the cream silk dress,
it has a lace front panel and I covered the sleeves 
with lace, how sweet...

Different cream shades and textures...

 Handmade little flowers 
in a gathered lace rosette.

A bonnet to match the cream dress.

Cuddle anyone??

I hope you are having a wonderful week.
Today I am joining in with

Partying with Shabbilicious Friday


  1. Oh, my goodnes. How is it possible to make such beautiful dresses. Fantastic.


  2. Dearest Angela,

    That will make a fairy tale memory of whatever special day! You are so extraordinary with lace. Love the cream silk for some reason, always like it better than pure white. You combined the lace so well with it and I love the lacy bib!
    Hugs to you,

  3. OMG they are both stunning and destined to be heirlooms!!


  4. These are quite beautiful and look so lovely on your baby doll.
    I too make Baptismal gowns,so appreciate the amount of love and time that goes into creating them.
    I am visiting from My Romantic home. :)

  5. Wonderful as always!! Such lucky babies to have the heirloom dresses.

  6. Beautiful items, you are so very talented!

  7. Крестильная одежда просто красиво и нет слов чтобы высказать о такой красоте своим близким. Вы настоящая волшлебница!