Sunday, August 26, 2012

My pink camera...

I have two cameras...
A big complicated one and a small pink one that fits in my hand bag.
Now the little pink one has random pictures stored in it.
Today I thought to share a few with you.

This tower with sweets and macarons 
looks amazing!
Perfect for a wedding or baby shower favors.

This shop in Dubai Mall 
has many pretty displays.

Stuffed pigeon anyone??
He was all alone standing knee-deep in bird seeds.

My little grand-daughters Anais and Eloise
eating chocolate ice-cream wearing white dresses...


The south of France has so many cute 
villages with lovely brocante markets.
This was one of the stalls that had beautiful
white linen, I kept going back to admire her goods,
if only...

My little pink camera is empty now, 
ready for those unexpected moments...

I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. oh wat een droom...het zuiden van frankrijk....bijna de hemel.....

  2. Dearest Angela,

    LOVE your cute granddaughters eating chocolate and wearing such a pristine white dress. But the face is well kept on camera.
    As for the sweets, there must be some middle east influence in Indonesia as they can have the very same fabulous displays of it. One of life's joys.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Lovely pictures, I regonize these beautiful things because I live in that same country and region.
    So beautiful,

    regards Janny

  4. Angela, my little pink camera is red lol! Love the goodies and there is nothing better than a pretty baby in a white dress with chocolate ice cream!