Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Time

This is it? I bought these narcissus bulbs
last week and the paper said 'bridal crown'
so I expected something ... more!
The stems were growing longer and longer and 
then, these pretty mini flowers opened.
They do smell nice.

I love my Easter bunnies, they are from
Villeroy & Boch. I bought them on my last trip 
to Holland, they had a wonderful collection 
Easter decorations.

Yesterday I went into Pottery-barn and found 
this stand, I can use it for my ribbons,
so I had to have it ..

My cats love chewing grass, this keeps them away from
my plants and flowers.

The curtain I used for my pictures, belongs to a
new baby bed I am working on, I hope to finish it 
by tomorrow.

This mirror I bought at an auction in Holland.
Yes, I have a Klimt painting hanging on my wall,
I wish it was the real deal.

Still wishing...
I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
in Dubai weekend starts on Friday.


  1. Those flowers are beautiful and your Easter bunnies are darling!

  2. What do you mean weekend starts on Friday?? Everyone has a 3 day weekend? Oh there is a post I would love to read. I love your rabbits too and who would know a Pottery Barn in Dubai


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