Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Silk and Lace Covered Moses Basket

Today I finished this Moses basket,
cream and beige is such a nice nice colour
for a baby bed.
I'm trying to finish all my orders so I can concentrate 
on making cushions and frilly things for the 
new shop that is selling my items.

The Moses basket is higher on the head side,
it shows in this picture.

I added some extra details on the curtain.

Layers upon layers of lace...
I use net under the silk skirt to make it stand out a bit.

It is easy to add blue or pink ribbons to the crown.

The blanket wasn't spared the lace explosion... 

Here the details of the stand.

My daughter Nadia was on transit in Amsterdam and
bought me my favorite magazine, 
it just came out, so I'm very lucky to have it.
She was on transit from Mexico, thanks God, she left just hours before
the earthquake.

Today I will join in with

I hope you come and visit.


  1. Hi Angela,
    I realy love the baby beds.They are so lovely.I love your work
    About the magazine.Have you seen the wardrobe on page 40? The whole mag is nice.
    Angelique Sadal

  2. Angela, this is so very gorgeous, you are a very talented lady!!

    Hugs, Barbara xx

  3. That is so beautiful! The photographer in me wishes I had one of these to take baby portraits in. Wouldn't that be lovely?!

  4. Wonderful blog!Amazing creations!!!Bravo!
    Greetings from Greece.

  5. Another stunning creation. I love the moses basket and the stand it is on is so pretty. I love your two cats I now have 3 I adopted 2 more from the no kill cat shelter where I volunteer.

  6. Hi Angela,

    The moses basket is so beautiful and love all the exquisite lace and detail.
    So glad that your daughter left Mexico, before the big earthquake.

    Happy week

  7. So glad your daughter is safe! Love all things lacy, the bed is fabulous and I can't wait for more lacy designs!


  8. Cosa dire è davvero stupendo!!!
    Bravissima Marina

  9. The Moses basket is exquisite. Such beautiful lace and details!

  10. Lace Explosion....what a beautiful sound...AND SIGHT!!! Gorgeous!! You always have such lovely photos of your beautiful work!!
    thanks for sharing!