Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter Wonder Land

Yesterday the temperatures reached minus 18 ...
and some parts even more.
The results.... 

The poor birds suffer in this weather.
We feed them as much as we can,
but it is never enough, I wish everybody would feed 
those helpless animals.

I hope you have a lovely week.


  1. Oh my gooooosh! It looks amazing! a winter wonderland! lovely post! :)

  2. The pics are beautiful. Wish it wasn't so cold!
    Angelique Sadal (in Holland)

  3. I know that the weather is brutal but the pictures are so beautiful. It was 70 here today. That is very warm for us this time of year. We never see sights like you have shared.
    Thanks for the pics and stay warm.
    Blessings, Ginger

  4. I cannot even imagine temps below 0. I have never experienced that! It gets into the 20's here and I think I am freezing to death even in my warm house!

  5. hallo angela
    je bent nog steeds in nederland en kan je al aan ons fijne klimaat wennen?
    mooie foto,s ook en fijne tijd nog hier.
    vr groetjes van an

  6. Ciao Angela ...che freddo!!!Anche nel cuore dell'Italia è un gelo!!!!!Da voi mi sembra più freddo...Hai fatto degli scatti bellissimi, ma per quei poveri uccellini, l'inverno spero passi in fretta!!!A presto Patry

  7. bellissime foto e preziosi i lavori che fai. Complimenti ciao