Friday, February 3, 2012

Auction Time

It's time again for auction and I would like to take 
you along.
I took lots of pictures of items that I liked.
There are about 2400 items to be auctioned in six days.

I love this Royal Albert dinner set, 
estimated between 100-200 Euros.

Victorian dress form estimated 40-60 Euro.

How lovely is this dial..

These two are used in front of a fireplace 
to put the fire tools on.

Four porcelain angels, estimated 50-100 Euro. 

This Louise XV style console would look so nice on a desk or table,
estimated 30-60 Euro.

The glass of this oil lamp is beautifully decorated.

Aren't your hands itching to redo this sweet chair...
These chairs usually sell very cheap.

Dress up hats, I want them..

Pretty legs, so many tables, 
I wish I had a big house to put them in.

I will fight for these!!


Giddy up horsey..

I'll add these to my list.

Simon & Halbig dolls, the small one is estimated 40-80 Euro
and the big one 50-100 Euro.

Here another beautiful hat with hat box, 
who would't want that.

Look at this table with all the intricate carvings.

More Royal Albert cups and saucers.

Antique blue and white porcelain.  

Tuesday will be the first day of auction, today was the first 
of three days just looking and inspecting the items.
I hope you enjoyed looking at all the goodies.



  1. Hoi Angela,

    ik wilde dat ik je met je mee kon. Wat spannend! Kijken wat van jou wordt....!

    Groetjes, fijn weekend, Sylvia

  2. You want what I want...I guess we will be fighting for that linen! Actually I am going to auction tomorrow where I always fight for the linen

    Good luck

  3. Thanks for showing everything--I have never been to an auction--looks fun! I hope you got your lace!