Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bolster Tutorial

It is nice to be back home again. 
Holiday is over and I couldn't wait to sit behind my 
sewing machine and create something cute.

In this post I would like to show you what I 
bought at the auction last week.

This is one of two vases, they both had the 
magic name Galle but I can't find out if they are
the real deal...

I would like to introduce you to my new table cover...
every inch of it is worked on, it's made in France and I had sleepless 
nights over it.
I bid on it and bought it for 60 Euros, to my delight there were many more 
table covers, napkins and doilies in the box it came with.

December comes with a back rub??

This table cover needs some TLC...

This one is in perfect condition.

Each one came with a set of napkins.

I also won the bid on this cute doll which is in perfect condition,
made by Simon & Halbig in Germany.
Now I have to find or make a dress for her.

I made a few bolsters today and these are my favorite ones.

To make a bolster, I took the measurements 
in the length and around the pillow, 
and added one centimeter for the seams.

The edge, where the zipper is going to be fixed,
was folded  over and steam pressed to make it easy to 
stitch the zipper along.

This plate is the perfect size to use as a measure for the sides,
I added one centimeter for the seams.

I used the cover of a box to trace a perfect oval to 
decorate the top of the bolster,
then stitched it in the middle of the cover.

Zigzag  a few layers of lace on the edge of the oval.

To finish it off,  hide the edge of the lace with a layer of trim.

I first zigzagged the zipper at the back, then turned it over
and stitched the zipper in place.
I like to use a longer zipper than the material so 
I can keep it closed while stitching.

I pinned the circles to the sides making sure the stripes
were the same on each side.

Let your creativity run wild, 
these tops are so much fun to decorate.

I hope you have fun making these bolsters.

Today I will be joining in with 


  1. You have the most lovely laces. Everything you make is gorgeous!

  2. Dearest Angela,

    You got some treasure with that one perfect table cloth! That is rare lace and you got it for a steal, considering all other items that came with it. The bolster is lovely and you're very adept at working with the zipper and all.
    Love to you,


  3. Oh my goodness I'm drooling all over the place! Lace heaven! Thank you for the tutorial on the bolsters...Just gorgeous! Vanna

  4. What a find and to have a bonus of more table clothes and napkins!! I love your bolsters, thank you for the tutorial, I have always been a little stumped by the circle bolster! Glad you had a great holiday!!


  5. your work is exquisite--brings a smile to my face---such eye candy---T