Saturday, April 2, 2011

Woven panel cushion tutorial.

I had fun making these today and made pictures to show you how I made them.
This is one way to use left over bits of ribbons and lace.

The pillow is 40 x 40 cm. so I cut out from sturdy cotton material a 42 cm square (2 cm. for the seam) and drew a 30 cm. square inside it to  guide where the panel should be.

Then I cut 32 cm. strips of lace, ribbons and trims.
Fixed in place with pins.

 Stitched the trims on both sides in place, on the drawn line and trimed the excess.

 With satin and velvet ribbons I wove across and fixed again with pins.
The first one I measured to be in the middle to keep a straight line.

 I kept weaving in and out to get the result I like,
used different sizes and textures to make it interesting.

My poor little sugar pot broke an ear after I dropped it.

I enjoyed making the first cushion so much that I made an other one in cream and pink.

 See who came and helped me... Mimi the cat that hides most of the day because he's so scared of the cat that shadows me, Fatty bon bon...

This pink woven one looks so sweet.

Here I stitched a frame around the panel, gathered some more lace in the corners and ironed it flat.

 Now to hide the joint, I gathered some narrow size lace on top of the first lace.
If in the unlikely event you don't like too much lace...  you could hide the edge of the frame with a small ending, like a small trim.

Then I fixed two halfs of about 30 cm, overlapping each other and stitch around.
Turned inside out and ironed the seams flat.


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  1. Oh how gorgeous! I am so envious of your collection of the laces and materials that you use! There is just no place to get such beautiful things here in the States. I know that on my next trip to Paris that is what I plan to shop for!
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Soooo beautiful! I love your works, they are so delicate...

  3. You are possibly the most patient person in the world! GORGEOUS!!

  4. Dearest Angela,

    What a DREAM you created here! The pink DREAM is my favorite but if you don't see them together, the other one is equally pretty.
    Mimi looks so nice with that pillow; she's a beautiful feline.
    Enjoy your talents you really got golden hands!

    Lots of love,


  5. Draga Angela ovo je jako interesantan i jako lijep rad.Super,super....


  7. THAT is impressive! Just so pretty!

  8. super super cute... Love the pink one... Not even too frilly for me!!! we can make one when I come over next time... after the owls of course... and the second board...
    kiss kiss... miss you sooooooOOOOOOO0000 much

  9. Dear Angela,
    These pillows are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I think you'd enjoy a post of mine...showing some of my great grandmother's handwork...

    I am your newest follower and would be pleased if you'd visit me when you have a minute! I enjoyed this post very much.

  10. I have lingered over your post and so enjoyed the tutorial on the lovely pillows. Immediately I became a follower of yours as I so enjoy sewing, smocking baby clothes, collecting beautiful French laces and fine fabrics. I am a doll artist making mostly newborn baby dolls. Your gorgeous baby beds and Moses baskets truly appeal to me. I decorated a 1880 cradle for my special dolls and recently bought an iron and wicker baby buggy circa 1910. It is still a work in progress. AND at one time I owned a beautiful Chinchilla persian cat much like yours. His name was Plano Polo. (Plano being the town in Texas where he was born.) Please, drop by and visit my little blog. I am new in the blogging world. hugs, Phyllis

  11. The pillows are beautiful, Angela! What a great idea. Thank you for sharing the tutorial!

  12. I love the way you wove and designed all the laces. Your work is beautiful!

  13. Шикарные подушки! Очень красиво, спасибо за мастер-класс!

  14. Thank you so much for the tutorial!!