Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swirls of Chocolate...

Today's project: to make a boudoir stool and use the colours, brown, light blue and lavender/purple.
This is what I came up with, the brown Indian raw silk looks like swirls of chocolate on top of the sky blue cotton material.

The flowers look pink in this picture but are actually light purple and I found fake lavender to make a little bouquet with purple striped ribbon.

Here you can see I used very little sky blue lace, no lace she said!... This is the minimum, I can not go below that....

I was given these three panels of floral material and had to make pillows using them.

My daughter who lives in France with her husband and their two little girls are coming on Wednesday,
I'm so exited and happy to have my daughter and grand-daughters come home, I see them about twice a year and the little ones are growing up so fast.
My son in law will come two weeks later.
The weather in Dubai is now perfect to go to the beach and parks, my granddaughters are real water babies, like their mother..
So after Wednesday all my pictures will be of babies!!!

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  1. That stool is adorable, and I love the pillows!
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Beautiful stool and pillows!!! I'm sure you are so excited to see your family....I hope you have a wonderful visit!!!!

  3. Hi Angela, The stool you've wrapped those perfect colors, looks fantastic! and cushions, beautiful! imagine your excitement after a year now and hopes to celebrate with your beloved daughter and granddaughters, blessings, Rose Marie