Sunday, February 6, 2011

Linen seat cushion

Today I made a cushion from the material I found and 'couldn't resist'.
When I'm in the market and come across some material or lace,
I'll buy it and think later of what to make with it.
I have to admit, my name is Angela and I am a hoarder. 

These days I like to cut up my doilies
and add them to pillows and other things.

While in my bedroom where I take my pictures,
my Victorian dresser felt neglected, so now I put her in the spotlight.


To all you ladies with the painbrush in hand, please put it down!
This beauty will stay just as she is...


Oh! how I wish I had that red stamp...
I could buy a house with it.

I love this chair, my star sign is Leo.

I hope you have a nice week.


  1. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful...I cant say enough..I love the chair, the cover, the Victorian dresser,,love,love it..
    Did I say that I loved it?
    Very nice..

  2. Dearest Angela,

    AMEN to your remark about all those ladies with the paint brush in hand! That truley would be 'murder' if ANY paint would be put on such a regal piece of furniture! You're at least sane and know about TRUE value. Once painted, it would become worthless.
    The grain of natural wood has so much more character.

    Lots of love,