Monday, June 17, 2013

Pink Cotton Quilt

I had a call from a lady that sells quilted bedcovers 
and she knows the colours I like.

The saleslady told me that she found a few and was keeping them for me.
I was over the moon to find out they were pink!

They are made from 100% cotton even the wadding..

I know these pouches are in the way from 
taking a good look at the cover..
just look around them!

Did I mention that the pillowcases are super cute too!
and look at the back of the quilt... it has stripes!

The same lady sells crocheted pillow cases too, I will 
add some lace to the borders and a few bows to make it 
stand out!

I love the lace panel on this baby pouch.

I hope your days are filled with treasures.


  1. Angela,
    The pouches are so pretty! and so is the quilted bedspread and pillow sham! the all look so gorgeous together....You are a sewing crazy girl! I will someday get organized so I can GET to my machine!

  2. Wspaniałe!!!!Jesteś niesamowicie zdolna!

  3. Dearest Angela,
    Lucky you for getting such a notice and those cotton quilts look perfect for your goal.
    No doubt you will upgrade those crocheted pillow cases with your lace and bows.

  4. How absolutely gorgeous! As always you have managed to make something truly unique and beautiful. I hope you are doing well! It is always nice to stop by and soak up all the pretty :)